とも (tomo)

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Dj, Painter


Organize - Natural, RARE


Sacred ground Gore receives the baptism of [reibukarucha-] in 1999. Even the limit plays, it knocks down, 30 roads are exceeded, and DJ is started. It meets the every one of color-music starting with the cookout, and the profundity grows up rapidly in the world of the becoming it sound. 「I want to enjoy deca with ..saying.. [oto] as much as possible the loved sound. In the so much」It extends with various places because it is delicate of him and unique DJ play simplicity of the desire though he talks to a free transforming.


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Project 365

Project 365

Syn Nakamura started "Project 365" since January 1st 2010. And this project will finish at the end of year 2010.

Artwork : wasabeat "Project 365"

Now - Syn Nakamura

Now - Syn Nakamura

release : 2010-12-04

number : cmgr-31338

Matador - Syn Nakamura

Matador - Syn Nakamura

release : 2010-12-01

number : cmgr-31335

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Release : color-music

taisouegao mix mixed by tomot - tomot

release : 2011-04-20

number : cmbk-70000

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