Nice Touch

Nice Touch

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Collaboration - Linco + Makotos


Re-composition restructuring of Linco of sound of saxophone player Makotos thing MAKOTO SAWAI active in the world based on Kansai. In Dubby at time and to Jazzy at timeAdult cocktail lounge techno.


Biography (日本語)

関西を拠点に世界で活躍するサックスプレイヤーMakotosことMAKOTO SAWAIの音をLincoが再構成再構築。時にDubbyに時にJazzyに。大人のカクテルラウンジテクノ。


Release : wasabeat

Nice Touch - Nice Touch

Nice Touch - Nice Touch

release : 2010-02-11

number : cmgr-39001

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Nice Touch
Artwork by Rinko