Profile No. 90


Composer, Dj


Organize - c-les, SWITCH


Saitama Prefecture coming from. After it goes to Tokyo in 2001, it meets Trance Music. Domestic various Rave is felt by the skin, and DJ activity is started in 2003 afterwards. The career is piled up at the party in Tokyo various prefectures including @SIMOON and 'Puneuma' fai aoyama afterwards, and Club. Cafe,Real?Virtual etc. keep widely acting. It is acting as a resident on outlets of an amateur professional artists (chiefly DJ) and the fourth Saturday "SWITCH" of 'Chuou Line pleasure music' every month now. It centers on Tech House, and it likes spatial sound use.


Biography (日本語)

埼玉県出身。2001年上京後Trance Musicと出会う。その後国内の様々なRaveを肌で感じ取り、2003年よりDJ活動を始める。その後『プネウマ』@SIMOON,fai aoyamaをはじめ,都内県内様々なパーティーにてキャリアを積み,Club~Cafe,Real~Virtual等幅広く活動を続ける。現在はアマチュア・プロフェッショナルのアーティスト(主にDJ)達の発表の場,『中央線的快楽音楽』毎月第4土曜日「SWITCH」 にてレジデントとして活動中。Tech Houseを中心とし、空間的な音使いを好む。


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